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2015-07-23 01:53:12 by Gheninae

I never had any fans on here, but that's just fine.  Finished my Marine Corps career, dove right into a game making competition, and remembered my favorite spot to look for artists and musicians.  Much love newgrounds, I'm back.

I'm back!

2011-03-27 22:59:32 by Gheninae

Hello ladies and germs! Long time no see! There's a lot of stuff that's new with me so I think I should start with my personal favorite piece of news. I joined the Marine Corps! I'm currently on Delayed Entry Program, waiting to be shipped off to boot camp, so not a Marine yet. I'll be Infantry. That's right, front lines and shootin' people, or at least, that's what I like to tell future employers. That's good right?

Anyhow, I'm not in school anymore, which is pretty awesome, but I got laid off from one of my jobs, so it's not awesome. Lucky me I still have one job, but I need more hours... You know the drill.

I'm looking at making a move to Jacksonville Florida! I'm kinda stoked, but it's still in the planning stages.

I guess the real reason I updated this was to announce my new song on the portal called "Blade Breaker." I worked hard on it, so please enjoy!

Sportin the Pimp cane...

2008-02-25 01:07:07 by Gheninae

Allright! I'm back in Teh shiz! I'm workin with some freeware called midi swing, and I'm hopin that it turns out well for meh. PEACE OUT j0!

Sportin the Pimp cane...